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We are solution providers to lubrication engineers, with various Industrial applications.

We provide our customers with superior quality products, produced by the world's leading brands with competitive prices and outstanding after sales services. Materials, offered by our company, are distributed .....


Food Industry

We ensure that you can you use Lubricants in the food and beverage industry, which present no risk to health, and are neutral in taste and odour. Our special Lubricants comply with all major food regulations and are internationally certified. In addition, greases and oils, we supply have, excellent technical properties, which are particularly important in the food industry. These include, among other things, very good water and steam resistance, chemical resistance, and application at both very high and low temperatures.
  • Neutral taste and odour

  • No health risk

  • Meets food regulations

  • Internationally approved

  • Broad range of H1 greases and oils for NSF H1 approval

  • Halal and kosher certification for some materials


Aircraft Industry

Companies that have the approval of renowned businesses in the aerospace industry need to make a precision landing with respect to safety, performance and cost-efficiency. This means that special lubricants from our producers are used in production of the AIRBUS A380 or complete Rolls Royce jet engines. Weight reducing and high-strength material such as titanium, nickel-based alloys and Inconel are extremely difficult to machine, lead to high wear and longer processing times. The special lubricants fulfill these demands on material compatibility under these complex conditions.
  • Body frame, fuselage and wings as well as engine part processing

  • Innovative materials including: titanium, nickel-based alloys and Inconel

  • Approvals from AIRBUS, Rolls Royce, MTU, SNECMA, Messier Dowty and Embraer among others

  • Optimum machining performance



General Industry

Wherever industrial applications have demanded superior quality lubricants, we are meeting the need. Our solutions are delivering longer life, improved fuel economy, greater equipment protection, improved operational effectiveness over a wider temperature range and reduced impact upon the environment. Premium industrial lubricants can be formulated using our superior base stocks with the appropriate additive packages for each specific application. They are formulated for greater thermal and oxidative stability, improved low temperature fluidity, better volatility and flash points, and they can be odourless and completely non-toxic. With our experience across so many industry sectors, we can apply our knowledge and expertise to formulate premium quality lubricants and deliver special base oil solutions to meet today’s severest industrial applications.




Metalworking Industry

Lubricating, cooling, flushing; these are the main demands on coolants in metalworking, whether it be for filling individual machines of several systems. Technical requirements apply to all materials - including materials that are difficult to machine such as aluminum, titanium or Inconel - as well as for various processes such as turning, grinding, honing and broaching. The leading companies for high-quality coolants,have developed intelligent formulas that not only set standards in technology but also with respect to health and environmental protection. We offer you tailor-made solutions for maximum performance in your application as well as particularly economic universal products.
Water-miscible coolants:
  • Low consumption and long-term stability

  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Efficient corrosion protection
Neat oils:
  • High surface quality and accurate sizes

  • Low tool wear
  • Low consumption



Offshore Drilling & Exploration

Our extensive knowledge and experience in this demanding industry sector includes supplying fluids that help our customers meet the latest government and industry regulations for use of materials in offshore exploration. We have been supplying fluids to the global drilling industry for some years. Our products are currently being used in seas and oceans around Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We market & supply an extensive range of base oils for formulating fluids used in international offshore drilling and production operations. These include low viscosity and sheen free fluids with trace aromatic levels, high flash points, and low pour points – all of which exhibit very low toxicity to marine life.




Rail Transport

From the manufacture of technical components for the rail industry through to permanent use in rail vehicles - coolants and greases from the main world producers have a permanent role to play in rail technology and rail transport their coolants with high flushing capacities are important tools in machining castings with large amounts of micro debris in this industry. For use throughout the whole life cycle, our specialists create biodegradable high-performance greases that are water and oxidation-resistant and also have excellent pressure transfer and bond capacities.
  • Approvals from the largest railway companies in Europe

  • Applications in the areas of high speed trains and track systems

  • Coolants for the production of drive components through to wheel sets

  • Greases to lubricate wheel sets, rails and point




Steel Industry

The operating conditions throughout the process chain in the steel industry are extreme. High temperatures, acids, dust, vapors and other mediums clog up machines and systems. The experienced producers of the lubricating greases offer active protection, components remain clean from the inside, friction, and wear and corrosion are also reduced so that systems can run at full performance without any unscheduled stoppages in production. We also offer coolants for the steel industry that ensure a long service life in roll grinding for example.
  • Lubricants for full steel manufacturing – from preparation of raw materials through to processing in the steelworks, from continuous casting plants through to cold and warm rolling mills
  • High lubrication effect

  • Reduced consumption of lubricants due to a longer service life

  • Longer life span for components and machines

  • Choice of biodegradable lubricating greases

  • SEB approvals


Power Generation Industry


The Power Generation industry contains some of the most sophisticated, hard working equipment in the business.  Equipment reliability and uptime is critical.  But so is the need to increase output and reduce maintenance costs.  A comprehensive lubrication program, which includes the highest quality products combined with condition monitoring services, is essential to meet this challenge. From coal-fired to nuclear, combined-cycle to landfill gas, These Lubricants are designed for uninterrupted operation and long service life.  Our products are engineered to perform in the most demanding environments, including high temperature, heavy load, and water contamination.  And while turbines are the heart of the power generation system, our lubrication programs ensure the proper operation of the associated auxiliary equipment such as pumps, gear boxes, generators, and compressors. Our products are supported by global builder approvals and proven field performance.  These products are serviced by a trained staff of sales representatives and field engineers.  From bearings to gears, circulating systems to grease fittings, we understand your equipment and what it takes to keep it operating.





Cement Industry, Open Cast Mining and Mineral Processing


In the cement industry, mining and mineral processing machines and equipment are often exposed to extreme working

Based on years of experience gathered in close cooperation with leading machine manufacturers special lubricants to cope with these severe conditions were developed by the producers. Besides environmental influences such as dust, humidity and sometimes high temperature variations, both very high and/or shock loads also have to be managed. Machine down time and possible production loss represent an enormous cost factor and since redundant systems are in general not available, the selected lubricant is of major importance.

To learn more details about various applications of the materials, we are offering, please contact our experts who will be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information and advices.