• In order to support our customers we offer a number of technical advisory services to cover:
  • We pride ourselves on our extremely fast response to all orders received and highly efficient ord
  • More effective management of logistics can deliver significant benefits for customers, including

We are solution providers to lubrication engineers, with various Industrial applications.

We provide our customers with superior quality products, produced by the world's leading brands with competitive prices and outstanding after sales services. Materials, offered by our company, are distributed .....


We are an international supplier of a full range of lubricants, oils and greases, from specialist cutting and transmission oils used in a wide range of manufacturing processes, to a range of synthetic and mineral oils for use in construction, transport and plant fleets, all available in either 208 litre barrels, 20 litre drums and a variety of smaller pack sizes.

We can supply a full range of branded oils to match OEM specification, or a range of high quality own branded alternatives offering cost savings with no reduction in performance. We can offer advice and technical support to meet Customer needs.

We can supply various materials, produced by the world’s leading producers:

  • Gear, transmission and power-transfer lubricating Oils
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
  • Metalworking Fluids for all applications, materials and temperatures
  • High Temperature and Low Temperature Greases
  • Turbine Oils
  • Compressor Oils
  • Food-Grade Lubricants
  • Heat Transfer Oils
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Machine Tool and Way Oils
  • Steel Mill Oils
  • Leatherworking Materials
  • Hot & Cold Rolling Oils
  • Isolating Oils

Please feel free to make further inquiries with our experts about details.